Preparing for University

Two students relax at the end of the lake on the eastern side of campus, with Chancellors South halls of residence and the Sports Centre visible behind them.

Once your son or daughter has submitted an application through UCAS, there are a number of things that they will need to do before arriving at university.

This includes essential steps such as responding to offers, applying for accommodation (if required) and applying for student finance. It’s also advisable to make some practical preparations, including brushing up on their domestic skills.

We’ve collated some of the key things below that your son or daughter will need to do in order to prepare for university. This will help you to ensure that they’re as prepared as possible to embark on this exciting new chapter in their lives, particularly the increased independence that being a student will nurture.

Responding to Offers

Two students chat while standing in the atrium of the Law and Psychology building.If your son or daughter is offered a place, whether as a conditional offer or unconditional offer, they will receive notification of this through UCAS Track.

It’s important that they respond to this offer by the UCAS deadline or it will be automatically declined. The potential replies to offers?your son or daughter can give?are:

  • Firm Choice – used for?their first choice of programme;
  • Insurance Choice – used for a back-up choice if the Firm Acceptance is a conditional offer (for example,?subject to examination results). This?should usually be?a course?with lower offer conditions;
  • Decline – reject the offer. If all offers are declined?or no offers are received, an additional choice can be made through UCAS Extra.

Two students work together during a seminar, consulting a textbook and browsing a Macbook screen.When exam results are published in the summer, if your son or daughter gets the exam grades they need, their place will be confirmed at their Firm choice.

If they miss out on the exam grades required, they may still be accepted by their Firm choice or, if not, may have their place confirmed by their Insurance Acceptance option. If neither are confirmed, Clearing will enable your son or daughter to find suitable course vacancies.

Conversely, if your son or daughter meets or exceeds the terms of a conditional offer from a university, they will have the option of using UCAS Adjustment for five days following the publication of their results, should they wish to change their decision about where to study.

Advice on how to help your son or daughter through the decision-making process when they receive their results is available on our Clearing pages.

Applying for Accommodation

A prospective student and her father speak to a current student while touring halls of residence during an open day.More than 2,300 single study bedrooms are available in our halls of residence, voted?best value for money student accommodation in the UK?(National Student Housing Awards 2019) and a finalist for best university halls (National Student Housing Awards 2019). A range of rooms and catering packages are available.

Once your son or daughter has firmly accepted an offer of a place to study with us, an email will be sent to the address registered with UCAS outlining the application process for on-campus accommodation.

The final allocation of rooms will be announced in August.?Once rooms have been allocated, if?your son or daughter wishes to get in touch with their housemates prior to moving in, we recommend joining?the group for the relevant hall of residence on Facebook.

Alternatively, if your son or daughter will be living in private rented accommodation, our Accommodation Team have a list of registered properties and will be happy to provide advice and guidance in finding somewhere to live.

Applying for Student Finance

A prospective student and her mother receive advice on scholarships during an open day.Although headlines about the cost of higher education can seem quite daunting, it’s important to remember that most UK and EU students do not have to pay for their tuition fees up-front.?Additional financial support is also available from the Government to help eligible students with living costs.

Our Money Matters pages outline the financial support which may be available and explain how to apply for it. Your son or daughter will need to apply for student finance?as soon as possible after submitting an application to UCAS.

It can often take 5-10 working days following enrolment for Student Finance England (or the equivalent funding body) to process payment of funding so it’s strongly advisable to ensure that your son or daughter brings some money as an ’emergency fund’ for the first 2-3 weeks on campus to cover basic expenses as well as social activities.

If funding has not been confirmed by the relevant funding body then your son or daughter should contact the Fees, Scholarships and Bursaries team by emailing [email protected].

Excellence Scholarship winner Anna Sharp, with her parents, shows off her certificate while attending a Scholarship Awards Evening to celebrate her success.In addition to the financial support provided by the Government, Edge Hill University also offers a range of scholarships which recognise determination, commitment and achievement in a variety of areas. There is an application process for some scholarships for prospective students, while others are awarded automatically.

Further information is available at

Signing Up for a Student Bank Account

Students wait by a cashpoint at the front of the campus.Your son or daughter will need a bank or building society account for their student funding to be paid into.

With major high street banks all offering student accounts, it is a good idea to shop around for incentives such as interest-free overdrafts and to see if any of the free gifts on offer are worthwhile.

It is also worth considering the evidence required to open a student account, as well as checking how banks approach interest free overdrafts after graduation.

There are lots of guides to help your son or daughter compare the options available, including advice from Money Saving Expert, Save the Student, UCAS and Which.

Learning How To Budget

Students relax over pizza and drinks in the SU Bar.Starting university may be the first time your son or daughter has had to take control of their finances so it’s a good idea to spend some time talking them through the basics of how to budget for student life.

A great way to help balance day-to-day expenses with a busy student life is for them to snap up an NUS Extra Card. Costing £12 for one year (and offered for free with some student bank accounts), an NUS Extra card will enable your son or daughter to enjoy a range of discounts, from entertainment and eating out, to supermarkets, beauty, travel, fitness, fashion, music, and study essentials.

Your son or daughter may also be eligible to take advantage of several other offers, such as free prescriptions, dental check-ups and sight tests, as well as a Young Person’s Railcard, so make sure they’re aware of the potential?discounts?available.

Another way to save money is with UPay, using funds pre-loaded onto an Edge Hill Unicard to receive discounts at selected food and drink outlets on campus. Your son or daughter will be issued with their Unicard during their induction.

Mastering Basic Cooking Skills

A student and her father look at the kitchen utensils as she moves into a hall of residence at the start of term.Although some of our halls of residence have catered meal plans, the majority are self-catered.

To help ensure your son or daughter enjoys a varied and?healthy diet at university, you should?spend a bit of time before the start of their course making?sure they have?some basic cooking skills and?passing on some useful?kitchen?tips.

They don’t need to be the next Jamie or?Nigella?but if your son or daughter at least know the basics and have a few meals that they are comfortable preparing, it can make a difference to their student experience. Rest assured though, there’s plenty?of places on campus to buy a hot meal or a quick bite to eat or drink?when they fancy a night off.

Getting Insured

Edge Hill has been voted the safest University in the North West (Complete University Guide 2018) for the last seven years.

However, many insurers offer special policies for students so it’s worth your son or daughter insuring their possessions for peace of mind in case the worst happens.


A student unpacks with his parents as he moves into his room in a hall of residence.If your son or daughter will be living in our halls of residence, they will need to bring:

  • Bed linen, duvet and pillow;
  • Towels;
  • Crockery, cutlery and kitchen utensils;
  • Clothes hangers;
  • Toiletries.

Your son or daughter will need to bring their own computer if they wish to use one. Rooms in Chancellors Court, Chancellors South, Founders East, Founders West, Graduates Court,?Palatine Court?and Woodland Court?come equipped with a flatscreen which can be enabled to receive Freeview TV. Your son or daughter may wish to bring their own television if they will be living in other halls where a flatscreen is not provided.

To watch TV, a TV licence is required, regardless of whether watching live TV online (on any device) or viewing/downloading programmes on BBC?iPlayer. For further information, visit

Crates and suitcases with wheels are ideal for when your son or daughter arrives at the campus. We recommend avoiding packing large heavy boxes that are?difficult to carry.

Wireless internet services are available, free of charge, across all University residential accommodation.

Completing the Enrolment Process

A student attends a registration desk and completes the enrolment process.Enrolment is a mandatory process that takes place at the start of the academic year. It will enable your son or daughter to become a member of the University, activate their IT/library account and access all of our services.

Enrolment is a two-stage online process. Your son or daughter will be sent an email inviting them to complete stage one prior to starting their course. Stage two will be completed when they first arrive on campus.

Further information about enrolment is available on our Getting Started website for applicants. A link to this website, which provides?tailored information about preparing to join each programme,?will be emailed to your son or daughter several weeks before enrolment is due to take place.

Prior to enrolment, your son or daughter should consider which optional modules they wish to study, if applicable, for Year 1 of their course. They should also ensure that any?provisional reading or other initial activities,?outlined on the Getting Started website, have been completed.

Moving In

A student, walking with his father, pushes a trolley laden with boxes and bags as he moves into Graduates Court halls of residence.If your son or daughter will be spending Year 1?of their degree living in our halls of residence, Welcome Sunday is the day when they will collect their keys and move in.

Prior to Welcome Sunday, your son or daughter will need to have e-signed their licence agreement online, paid a £150 deposit and made arrangements for the payment of accommodation fees.

Payment can be made in full in a single transaction, securing a 5% discount, in three equal instalments (to coincide with Maintenance Loan payments), or in seven equal instalments.

On Welcome Sunday, arrival times are staggered. After completing the registration and key collection process, it will be time for your son or daughter to move in, meet their housemates and start unpacking. A?limited supply of trolleys and buggies will be available to help transport your son or daughter’s belongings from the car park to the relevant hall of residence.

Optional welcome talks are available for parents throughout the day. There are separate, compulsory welcome talks?which your son or daughter must attend. Details of the relevant talk will be circulated in advance of Welcome Sunday.

Keeping In Touch

Three students share a hug in a kitchen shortly after moving into their hall of residence in the Chancellors South accommodation block.Edge Hill has been recognised as the University of the Year for Student Retention (Times and Sunday Times Good University Guide 2018) and we’re confident your son or daughter will soon settle in and flourish as part of our friendly and vibrant?community.

We understand, however, that many prospective students experience a mixture of excitement and nerves as they prepare to move into a new home, make new friends and start their course. As a parent, you may also experience a variety of?emotions as your son or daughter starts university, particularly if they are moving away from home.

Once they’re officially an Edge Hill student?and enjoying the social activities of Welcome?Week, it’s natural that you will want to keep in touch but it’s important to find the right balance of contact and involvement that works for you both.

Three students pose with signs at a photo booth while another takes their photo during Welcome Week.A few positive words of reassurance – both before they start university and when you’re catching up once they’re here – can make a difference.

There’s lots taking place around the campus to keep your son or daughter busy between lectures and tutorials so encourage them to get involved. Joining a club or society, volunteering, participating in the Campus Sport programme or signing up to Team Edge Hill are all great ways to?meet new people.

Comprehensive support and advisory services are also available, ensuring your son or daughter can receive help or guidance with almost any aspect of their?student experience?whenever they need it.